Climbing coaching courses

Climbing coaching courses are available to book for CSE members and non-members.

This course is aimed at novice to improver climbers to help them gain some simple techniques to improve their climbing experience. It also aims to broaden climbing knowledge and help the climber get the most out of their climbing.

Depending on the climber’s abilities the course covers a range of technical skills. Other areas that may be covered include; session structuring, route reading, mental skills and an introduction to different climbing ethics and styles.

This course cannot be taken in place of an induction. The induction contains the basic safety skills. These skills are not covered by the climbing coaching course.

Details and prices for all courses

  • Minimum of two people per course
  • Maximum of six people per course
  • Two hours long with free climbing immediately following the session.
  • Course cost = £10.00 (includes hire of equipment)
  • All courses include entry to the gym.
  • This course is run on-demand. Times can be arranged to suit your schedule.

How to book

Please speak to a member of the climbing wall team:

Climbing Wall Reception
46 Pleasance
Edinburgh EH8 9TJ
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)131 650 2464

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