Climbing facilities

The Pleasance sports centre houses our two climbing facilities: the Tower climbing wall and the Rock bouldering area.

A climber navigates a tricky overhang.

Climbers of all levels are welcome at both areas. Novice climbers are required to complete a safety induction course. Experienced climbers may self-register.

Access is now available to all CSE users.

The Tower

Our climbing wall is known as the Tower:

  • 272 metres-squared wall area
  • Eight metre high walls
  • 25 rope lines
  • Leading is possible on all lines
  • Over 50 routes
  • Grades from Fr4-Fr7a

Climbing Grades

Climbing grades allow you to compare how difficult climbs are and allow you to chose a suitable climb for your ability. In the Tower we use French grades whilst the Rock uses the V grading system.

Further information can be found here:

The Rock

Our bouldering facility is known as the Rock:

  • 4.2 metre high walls
  • 135 metres-squared wall area
  • Variety of angled walls
  • Featured slab wall
  • Over 100 problems
  • Grades from V0-V8
  • Complete cover of safety matting


The Tower has disabled access; the Rock is upstairs and is not accessible. Please feel free to contact to the staff to discuss your requirements.

Climbing Wall Reception
46 Pleasance
Edinburgh EH8 9TJ
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)131 650 2464
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