Kate Fowlie

This week we caught up with pentathlete and first year student Kate Fowlie.

An interview with Kate Fowlie: one of the CSE's performance athletes in modern pentathlon.

I’ve joined the fencing, swimming and running clubs as well as hockey but mainly for their socials.

Kate Fowlie

Individual Performance Programme athlete: Modern Pentathlon

What is modern pentathlon?

It is a multi-discipline sport where the athletes compete in fencing, swimming and riding. As well as in a combined event of running and shooting.

Career highlight?

Probably when I came fourth at the Youth B Europeans in Portugal in 2009.

Typical week of training, competitions and university?

I do swimming three times a week, running two times a week, fencing two times a week and shooting when I can. I also ride nearly every day.

Since the start of university it’s been a lot busier. I’m still managing to fit everything in but I’m having to do less riding.

How do you manage to fit it five different sports?

Obviously, organisation and time management are important because it’s a lot to manage. It’s literally all in my head but I think it would be sensible to have a diary or wall chart.

How do you think the Individual Performance Programme will help you?

It’s a challenging sport with so many to keep up. I thought it would be good to have someone who could help you, work with you and monitor your training. And helping me through Strength and Conditioning where I hope to gain a lot more core strength as I’ve never done it before. Strength and Conditioning is good but hard.

I used to live faraway from the swimming pool and other venues but here everything is in one place and it’s a lot easier to train which will hopefully improve my performance.

What is studying at the University of Edinburgh like?

I really liked Edinburgh the city as I’ve been here a few times before as my brother came to university here too.

My course is quite hard and quite time consuming but it’s good. I love the social life and Freshers week was really good.

Sporting hero?

There’s a pentathlete who was in my pony club and she is really good. Her name is Freya Prentice and she is hopefully going to be in the Olympics next year!

In three years time…?

Still at university and I am hoping to change into the Medicine course soon though still at Edinburgh University. Then hopefully in the Junior GB Team to be at the Europeans and Worlds.

I started doing tetrathlons - modern pentathlons without the fencing - eight years ago.

Kate Fowlie

Nicest place your sport has taken you?

I went to America for a tetrathlon and that was really good!

Guilty pleasure?

I saw this question and I hate this question. I don’t want to say chocolate; I don’t like the guilty pleasures question.

The year ahead?

The selection competitions are in December. They give you you’re ranking for selection to the Worlds and Europeans for next year so they are quite important. They are a set of three individual competitions where you’re average ranking is taken. So I’m looking forward to them.

Interviewed in October 2011.

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