Male changing room 2 latest

The CSE apologises to all male members and guests for the disruption and inconvenience during the recent refurbishment of Male changing room 2.

This work began before Christmas and was due for completion on 9 January 2012. Unfortunately elements of the Pleasance infra-structure are very old. During the development problems which could not have been foreseen led to further unexpected investigations / survey work to find a solution. This meant:

  • Extending the contract by six weeks
  • Dealing with major Health and Safety related items; severe damp-proofing and fire-proofing
  • Surveying of drainage channels and finding a correction solution.

What we are doing

We appreciate your patience and goodwill during the resulting disruption whilst we remedy the situation. To counteract the inconvenience we:

  • Changed a female changing room to a male changing room
  • Moved a range of lockers to the Trust Upper Hall area
  • Asked the contractors to work longer hours and weekends to get an earlier than scheduled contract finish

Future plans

We are pleased to announce that:

  • £160,000.00 is being invested in a quality male changing facility and sauna
  • Male changing room 2 will be re-open mid to late February 2012

In the meantime please accept our sincere apologies for all the inconvenience and disruption this has caused. Thank you for your patience, understanding and loyalty.

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