26th Annual Edinburgh University Dance Performance

The 26th Annual Edinburgh University Dance Performance was a tremendous success last weekend.

Tango performers on stage.

Our own CSE company, The Pleasance Dancers, were stunning! They performed 2 contemporary pieces, “Chinese Whispers” - a beautiful tranquil fluid dance based on Chinese words choreographed by Susan Hay - and “Amen” - a lyrical style dance by June Adamson set to gospel songs sung live by the wonderful CCE Songbirds.

Jo Richards choreographed a slick, exciting and amazing hip-hop dance and an equally vibrant and awesome jazz dance “Stay Too Long” which proved a perfect way to finish our show. Fiona Blair and two experienced hoopers performed a super hoop dance Elvis style with red noses to “Stuck on You”! It was fun and incredible to see what is possible dancing with a hoop!

Other highlights from the show included the energetic and engaging “African Delight” with live drumming on stage; colourful and joyful dancing of the Bhangra crew; grass skirted tribal samba with sticks by the Portuguese and Brazilian Society and the live band from the Edinburgh Samba School; bright and cheeky salsa; smooth partnering of the West Coast Swing; beautifully executed traditional Kazakhstan solo dance about reconciliation; sexy and elegant tango; passionate flamenco; well-crafted lindy hop called “Zoot Suit Riot” by the Swing Dance Society!

Our guests Samsoir delighted the audience with their precise footwork and mesmerising floor patterns and Scotland’s B Girls with their mix of hip hop, poppin’ and house style were truly amazing. Our own Jo Richard’s is in this group and at the end of April they are representing Scotland in an international dance performance in Florida, USA.

Check out more photos of the event on Flickr.

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