MSc in Drug Discovery and Translational Biology (taught)

Neil McKenzie - MSc in 2008-2009

For me, the MSc in Drug Discovery and Translational Biology (taught) was a very positive experience and a vital bridge between my undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

The core modules covered key theoretical and practical aspects of drug design at a much deeper level than I had encountered in my previous degree. I found these core modules to be diverse, well taught and relevant. As an example, the lectures covered topics such as in silico modelling, protein expression and purification and design of experiments.

The flexibility in choice of elective modules allowed me to tailor the course to my interests and strengths. The optional modules that I chose were based in "wet-labs" and complimented my previous practical experience but our class also contained informaticians and computer programmers, some of whom chose the classroom and computer-based electives instead.

Importantly, the relatively small class size allowed for personal interactions with the lecturers and a real chance to get to know all my classmates.

Whilst the initial learning on the course is mostly classroom-based, it allowed me to appreciate the collaborative aspects of drug discovery before embarking on 4 months of stimulating thesis work in a university research lab of my choice. Being able to choose the subject area for my thesis work was a great motivator and working in the labs let me meet and build connections with university staff members who are amongst the foremost in their fields.

Overall, I found the teaching and resources available to our class to be excellent and would recommend the course to prospective postgraduate students with an interest in drug discovery.

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