MSc Signal Processing and Communications

Previous MSc student who continued with PhD studies at EPFL in Lausanne

I joined the master's program in Signal Processing and Communications at Edinburgh University in 2007, which now I believe is a decision that changed my life. Honestly, I wouldn't count myself as those who have a strong interest in this field before, but this program just ignited all my excitements in learning and thinking of "something new", that I have lost for a long time. Of course, the feeling came from the world-class faculty and their world-class way of disseminating knowledges.

Now one year after graduation, I still can't say I completely realise the excellence of this program, but I am lucky that I had the chance to obtain from it some of the most important things for a successful career. Although this is my personal experience, I would recommend it to anyone who wants to pursue advanced studies in the field of signal processing and communications without any reservation.

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