Outline of Project Schedule

February 2011 - May 2012

  • Construction of the new KB Library.

Summer 2011

  • Additional mobile shelving installed on Darwin Library lower floor.
  • Older book collection (acquired prior to, and not borrowed since, 1999) and entire journal collection (from the Darwin, JCM, Robertson Libraries) moved to Darwin Library.

Summer 2012

  • Newer book collection (acquired since 1999 and older books borrowed since this date) moved from Darwin, JCM and Robertson Libraries to new KB Library.
  • Remodelling/Upgrading work in KB Centre.
  • New KB Library opens.
  • JCM and Robertson Libraries close.
  • Darwin Library lower floor becomes the open access KB Library Store for the older book collection and journals.
  • Remodelling/upgrading work in the former Darwin Library upper floor to include a new study/social area.

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