Five key points

The five key points every member of staff needs to know.

  1. Individuals have the right to ask to see any information the University of Edinburgh holds about them. We have 40 calendar days to respond. If someone asks to see information that you hold about them, contact your local freedom of information practitioner as soon as possible.
  2. You must tell individuals what you do with information regarding them, including to whom you disclose it.
  3. You must keep personal data securely. For example, if you use large amounts of personal data or sensitive personal data, store them on University networks or use encryption
  4. If you pass personal data outside of the University, follow University policies and procedures. This includes publishing personal information on the internet, allowing contractors access to systems, and sharing personal data with government agencies and others.
  5. You must not keep personal data for longer than is necessary.

Further information

For advice on data protection or if you have concerns about disclosing any information, contact the Records Management Section.

  • Records Management Section

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