Michael Ochsenkühn

I work on cellular nanosensors based on surface enhanced Raman Spectroscopy.

Project title: Cellular nanosensors based on surface enhanced Raman Spectroscopy

My project aims toward the development of sensors to investigate intracellular conditions and compounds based on Surface-Enhanced Raman scattering (SERS).

Silver and Gold metal nanoparticles (NP) enhance the spectroscopic Signal of molecules close to their surface when excited with light of the correct wavelength.

Sensors can be built by assembling molecules sensitive to different conditions on NP. These kinds of sensors have been shown to be able to be taken up by cells and therefore can be easily applied. This work involves on the one hand biological work studying the best conditions for the uptake NPs, investigating their location in the cells and cellular responses like cytoxicity and immuno reactions.

On the other hand the information gained has to be processed. This is done by identifying the binding energies for characteristic molecular vibrations.

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