Current partnerships and ventures

Our researchers are currently working with a number of businesses to develop new technology.


Dharmacon Inc and RNAi Global logos

Dharmacon Inc developed a siRNA library that covers the complete human genome.

This offers the potential to dramatically increase scientists' ability to understand disease and accelerate the process of new drug discovery and development.

The Division of Pathway Medicine (DPM) is one of ten centres around the world which were initially selected by Dharmacon to form a Genome-Wide RNAi Global Initiative, giving us access to the genome-wide siRNA library for use in collaborative research with commercial partners.

Fios Genomics Ltd

Fios Genomics logo

Fios Genomics Ltd was founded in April 2008 as a new venture for DPM and offers a range of analysis services for data derived from microarrays and/or other "omics" platforms, based around core capabilities and know-how in linking statistical inference methodologies with bioinformatic-based explorative and predictive analyses.

Fios has developed proprietory software solutions for the automated analyses and integration of "omics" datasets. Powerful network-based tools for visualisation facilitate the manual interpretation of the assembled information in a biological context.

Arrayjet Ltd

Arrayjet Ltd logo

Arrayjet Ltd was founded in August 2000 by a Cambridge physicist and DPM to develop robotics using inkjet print heads for the manufacture of biological microarrays.

By applying expertise in inkjet technology and molecular biology Arrayjet now offers an instrument for the fabrication of high density and high quality microarrays for biomedical research.

Arrayjet's instruments have been purchased by several major research centres.

Lab901 Ltd

Lab 901 logo

Lab901 was formed in November 2001 by Managing Director Joel Fearnley, Technical Director Stuart Polwart and two members of DPM: Chief Scientific Advisor and non-exec Director Professor Peter Ghazal and Senior Research Advisor Dr Douglas Roy.

The founding team combines 45 years of industrial expertise in the fields of semiconductor and automation engineering with 40 years of leading life science research.

Lab901 has developed a revolutionary automated micro-scale test platform Screentape - the first fully automated platform for gel electrophoresis.

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