Business Connections

Launched in 2004, Business Connections is a business development initiative linking our academic innovations with industry.

Leveraging our accomplishments

The Division of Pathway Medicine (DPM) works with industry to develop medical innovations for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

DPM is composed of a number of groups experienced in areas of bioinformatics, biosensors, biomarkers, RNAi, host-pathogen interactions, infection and immunity.

Through Business Connections, we are expanding our list of cutting edge industrial partnerships.

This initiative is jointly funded by Scottish Enterprise and the University of Edinburgh.


We operate a unique research model, working across interfaces in the field of post-genomic medicine, science and technology, and we are looking for industrial collaborations that leverage our academic accomplishments and expertise.

Taking advantage of our location in the BioQuarter at Little France, we frequently collaborate with the nearby Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, a 930 bed teaching hospital.

Our academic collaborations with COSMIC (Collaborative Optical Spectroscopy Micromanipulation and Imaging Centre), SMC (Scottish Microelectronics Centre) and others provide unique opportunities to combine clinical, molecular, electronic and computational expertise.

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