PhD students' checklist

There are several steps you must complete before and during your studies.

Before arriving

The College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine web pages contain information for new postgraduate students on how to join the University.

On arrival

When you arrive at the laboratory, you must first make contact with your supervisor or the person designated to look after you.

You will also need to:

  • find your desk and bench space
  • matriculate
  • undergo local safety induction courses
  • obtain a University email address
  • book a place on the relevant "Good Practice for PhD Research" course
  • find your Research Centre or Division's information for postgraduate students
  • understand the assessment requirements for your PhD
  • meet any co-supervisors
  • know about any seminar programmes you should be attending
  • know who your local postgraduate organiser is


There are several steps you must complete as you work towards your PhD. If you are in any doubt about the requirements, contact your supervisor and/or your local postgraduate organiser.

You should aim to have meetings with your supervisor every month. It is your responsibility to organise these meetings.

Some of these meetings will be formal review meetings to go over progress. After these, you should e-mail your supervisor a minute of the discussion, including any agreed workplan and attendance at relevant Transkills courses or scientific meetings. This minute should then be edited if necessary and agreed by both the student and supervisor

Other steps include:

  • project outline after 10 weeks
  • end of first year report and formal assessment to determine whether you can progress
  • end of second year assessment
  • thesis plan discussed with your supervisor and/or thesis committee at start of third year
  • thesis chapters submitted to your supervisor in good time
  • thesis submission
  • viva examination
  • graduation

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