The College Quality Assurance Executive has overall responsibility for oversight of quality in the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine.

Specific programme information

Unlike the other two Colleges of the University of Edinburgh, where Schools play a major role in Quality Assurance and Enhancement, in the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine the Teaching Organisations and Programmes act as a focus for ensuring that quality is maintained in all aspects of teaching and take a proactive role in promoting quality enhancement.

Biomedical sciences

Quality information for the Biomedical Sciences programme

Biomedical sciences

Postgraduate degrees

Quality information about all the Postgraduate degrees.

Postgraduate degrees

Undergraduate medicine

Quality information about the MBChB programme.

Undergraduate medicine

Veterinary medicine

Quality information about the BVM&S programme.

Veterinary medicine

Curriculum framework

A framework for curricula and supporting structures for degree programmes.

The framework includes patterns for teaching and assessment, and was implemented in the academic year 2004/05. Since then changes have been made to the method of examination timetabling, as approved by Academic Policy Committee.

Proposals for curriculum change or introduction which do not conform to the Curriculum Framework must apply for an opt out to the Curriculum and Student Progression Committee.

Other useful curriculum information and links are listed below.

Sara Welham Head of Governance and Regulatory Framework Team
Tel: +44(0)131 650 2140

College wide quality information

Annual reporting

The College reports annually to Senate Quality Assurance Committee

The University template for the annual college report to Senate Quality Assurance Committee is available from the Quality Unit website.

External examiner

College external examiner reports are based on a University template.

The University’s Code of Practice for external examiners is available from the Quality Unit website.


University templates for programme specifications, summary examples and guidance are available from the Academic Services website.

Learning and teaching strategies

The College's Learning and Teaching Strategy document informs quality enhancement in all of it's programmes.

The University’s Learning and Teaching Enhancement Strategy is available to download from the policies section of the Academic Services website.

Accessible learning

We aim to help students maximise their academic potential and get the most benefit from their programme of study and university experience.

In line with our strategic goals of excellence in learning and teaching, we seek to enhance the student experience by creating a learning and teaching environment, and culture, that is dynamic, accessible and inclusive.

Student representation

Further information about student representatives, including a role description, a list of class representatives, and advice on how academic staff can offer support, is available from the Edinburgh University Students' Association (EUSA) website.

Student support

The University has a policy on academic and pastoral support which is available to download from the Academic Services website.

Contact details

Jeremy Bradshaw Assistant Principal Researcher Development
College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine
The Chancellor’s Building
49 Little France Crescent
Edinburgh EH16 4SB
Tel: +44(0)131 242 9122
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