Institute of Structural and Molecular Biology

The Institute of Structural and Molecular Biology, affiliated with the College of Science and Engineering, studies the structural nature and impact of biomolecules.

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We contain groups investigating molecular structure using techniques such as biomolecular nuclear magnetic resonance, X-ray crystallography and computational structure prediction, as well as the full panoply of methods for protein production and biological characterisation.

Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology

The Centre for Cell Biology’s mission is to play a significant part of the scientific global endeavour aimed at understanding living systems at the molecular level, making discoveries that advance knowledge of normal and abnormal cell function.

Our research is investigator-led - the Centre’s scientific progress depends on the ingenuity and curiosity of its research group leaders, each of whom follows his or her own instincts.

Centre for Translational and Chemical Biology

The Centre for Translational and Chemical Biology provides facilities and expertise to promote interdisciplinary research across biology, chemistry and medicine.

We are a network of over 60 independent research labs with access to centralised protein production and characterisation facilities.

Centre for Biomedical Engineering

The Centre for Biomedical Engineering is an initiative to bring together the broad range of scientists, engineers, clinicians and informaticians working in this field across the university and beyond.

We carry out leading-edge research, provide workshops and seminars, and educate through taught undergraduate and MSc programmes. A range of research PhD opportunities are available.

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