On campus registration and matriculation

This page provides information about enrolling at the University, from matriculation, university cards and tuition fees to student email and codes of practices.

Registration and matriculation

The University Registry will send you University registration documents approximately a month before you are due to start your programme, and you will need to complete these and return them in order to register as a student with the University.

For full details of the process and what we require of you please visit the “How to Matriculate” section of the Registry webpage. This will give you a full breakdown of the matriculation process and also give help with the most Frequently Asked Questions.

Matriculation is a three stage process, and you will need to complete all three stages before you are matriculated and therefore able to use all the University’s facilities. The three stages are as follows:


You will need to register with the university registry.

Confirmation of attendance

You will need to have your attendance confirmed at the school in which you will be studying.

Being fully admitted

This is done automatically by the College when the other two steps have been completed except for those students for whom English is not their first language and their total IELTS score is lower than 7.0 (or TOEFL 600 or TOEFL-iBT 100). These students are required to sit a Test of English at Matriculation (TEAM) at the University as part of their matriculation. This does not apply to online distance learning students.

This is not a pass or fail test, but students needing a TEAM test cannot be matriculated until they have taken it and come to the College postgraduate office with the TEAM “ticket” given to all those who have sat the test.

If you have a total IELTS score of less than 7.0 (or TOEFL 600 or TOEFL-iBT 100) then please look at the TEAM web page below and arrange to undertake the test when you arrive.

University student card

The University card is your student ID card that you are required to carry if on campus. The card is also your library card and door access control card, so you will need it to access the library and other University facilities. You will also need to display it when sitting exams.

For more information about the card, and how to obtain one, go to the following link.

Tuition fees and additional programme costs

Details of postgraduate tuition fees can be found on the University's main website.

Please remember that some schools may require you to make an additional annual contribution to the costs of your programme or research work. The amount is specified in your offer of admission and you should pay this when you pay your fees.

All students can access and view their own accounts via the ‘Finance’ channel within the MyEd system.

Student Electronic Mail service (Email)

The University will send you your password for accessing the University’s computing systems and e-mail along with your application for a University card. You can therefore access these systems prior to arrival in Edinburgh. If you do not receive this information by post, please contact the Card Services Desk during your first week.

Please note that your University e-mail address is the way the University of Edinburgh will contact you throughout your time of study, so it is important you check this regularly or place a forward from this address to any personal e-mail you wish to use.


U@Ed is a mobile campus application, which gives student access to a range of personalised information direct to mobile devices. It enables students to stay informed with the ease and convenience that mobility brings. Further information can be found at:

Codes of Practice

There is are Codes of Practice for postgraduate taught and research students. These provide guidelines on good practice and set out standards which the University expects students to maintain. The University assumes that each student will have read the relevant Code of Practice for his/her degree.

These Codes of Practice can be viewed at the following link:

Further Information

For more detailed information on arriving in Edinburgh, including visa, accommodation and matriculation information please visit the New Student webpages on the University website.

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