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Ian CampbellIan Campbell

Professor Emeritus of Scottish and Victorian Literature

+44 (0) 131-650 3618

English Literature,50 George Square room 2.22, Edinburgh EH8 9LH



On Carlyle:

  • Thomas Carlyle (Hamish Hamilton, 1974;
  • Scribner, 1975; Japanese translation by T. Tada, Tokyo, Seibido, 1981).  Thomas Carlyle, new edition, published by Saltire Society (Edinburgh, 1993); 
  • Thomas and Jane (Edinburgh University Library, 1980);
  • Thomas Carlyle, Reminiscences ed. K.J.Fielding and Ian Campbell (Oxford, Oxford University Press:  World’s Classics, 1997; revised ed. Glasgow, Kennedy and Boyd, 2009). Thomas Carlyle, second edition revised, 2011. Many academic papers in UK, US, Europe.
  • Volume 41 of the Duke-Edinburgh edition of the Letters of Thomas and Jane Welsh Carlyle will appear from Duke University Press in Autumn 2013, and progress on the Carlyle Letters Online continues towards a complete mounting of the edition on the internet.


On Scottish Literature:

  • Nineteenth Century Scottish Fiction: Critical Essays (Carcanet, 1978); 
  • Robert Louis Stevenson: Selected Short Stories (Ramsay Head, 1980)(new ed. Glasgow, Kennedy & Boyd, 2012): paperback ed. 1985; 
  • Kailyard (Ramsay Head, 1981), reprints of Barrie, A Window in Thrums (Edinburgh, Saltire, 2005),  Brown, Love and a Sword(Glasgow, Kennedy & Boyd, 2010).


On Lewis Grassic Gibbon, whose works are now largely reprinted in this series:

  • Persian Dawns, Egyptian Nights by Lewis Grassic Gibbon, (Edinburgh, Polygon, 1998);
  • Stained Radiance, by Lewis Grassic Gibbon (Edinburgh, Polygon, 2000;
  • Nine Against the Unknown by Lewis Grassic Gibbon (Edinburgh, Polygon, 2000): US edition (Edinburgh, Polygon, 2001);
  • Three Go Back by Lewis Grassic Gibbon (Edinburgh, Polygon, 2000);
  • Spartacus (new ed.) (Edinburgh, Polygon, 2005) The Lost Trumpet  (Edinburgh, Polygon, 2001);
  • The Speak of the Mearns (new edition) (Edinburgh, Polygon, 2001);
  • Sunset Song(Edinburgh, Polygon, 2006)  and the complete A Scots Quair (Edinburgh, Polygon, 2006). Lewis Grassic Gibbon (Scottish Writers: Scottish Academic Press 1985) is in the course of revision for publication of a new edition in 2014.


Bringing Scottish texts back into print in new editions, such as:

  • James Thomson: The City of Dreadful Night and other Poems (Glasgow, Kennedy and Boyd, 2008); 
  • Ian Maclaren, The Days of Auld Langsyne (Glasgow, Kennedy and Boyd, 2008: the Kailyard Authors);
  • John Gibson Lockhart, Adam Blair (Edinburgh, Saltire Society, 2007;
  • John Galt, Annals of the Parish, The Ayrshire Legatees, The Provost, new edition intro. Ian Campbell (Edinburgh, Saltire Society, 2002).
  • General editor, the annual Occasional Papers of the Carlyle Society of Edinburgh, with frequent contributions.

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