Research Seminar Series

Academic Session 2013/2014

19 Sep 2013Prof. Naomi Standen (University of Birmingham)‘The Problem with Borderlands: Shared Practices in Pre-modern Eastern Eurasia’
3 Oct Prof. Barbara Hendrischke (IKGF)‘Problems of Knowing the Future in Late Han Dynasty China’
17 OctProf. Paul Pickowicz (University of Edinburgh)‘Revisiting Cold War Propaganda: Chinese and American Feature Film Treatments of the Korean War’
24 OctProf. Ni Shixiong (Fudan University)‘China’s Peaceful Rise and Its New Diplomacy’
13 NovDr Sophia Woodman (University of Edinburgh)‘Social Power, State Power: Integrating Citizens through Local Connections in Contemporary China’
27 NovDr Stephen McDowall (University of Edinburgh)‘The Beijing City Walls and the New Ming History’
22 Jan 2014Prof. Nick Pearce (University of Glasgow)‘The Skull of Confucius: A Footnote in the History of the Second China War (1860)’
5 FebDr Gregory Scott (University of Edinburgh)‘Shanghai Buddhist Books and Shanghai as a Nexus of Chinese Buddhist Publishing in the 1930s’
12 FebDr Isabella Jackson (University of Aberdeen)‘Defending Shanghai: The Shanghai International Settlement in Times of Turmoil, c. 1923-43’
26 FebDr Huang Xuelei (University of Edinburgh)‘Odours of Nanjing Road: The Social Life of Smell in Modern China, 1840s-1940s’
5 MarDr Andrea Janku (SOAS)‘Drought in Northwest China: A Late Victorian Tragedy?’
19 MarDr Konrad Lawson (University of St. Andrews)‘From Executions to Education: Traitor Elimination Work in Shandong Province, 1938-1947’

Academic Session 2012/2013

17 Oct 2012Ito ToruThe Concept of Shutaisei and its Origin
24 OctMark McLeisterThe Local, National and Trans-National Ties of Deaf-Mute Protestant Churches in Urban Huadong
7 NovNatascha GentzFate, Freedom and Will in 'Chinese Tragedies'
21 NovAntonio PaolielloChinese, Tus├ín and Kuei: Chinese Peruvian Identity in Siu Kam Wen’s Short Stories
5 DecLara ArnasonTBA
27 March 2013Naoyuki Agawa (Keio)Shifting Values in Higher Education
10 MayRobert Borgen (UC Davis)The Monk Jakusho's Adventures in China: a Pilgrimage Performed

Academic Session 2011/2012

3 Nov 2011Daniel HammondAnimal Rights in China: Thoughts on organisation and campaigns
17 NovHelen ParkerNostalgia, Space and Memory: the Tokyo Kabukiza, 1951-2010
1 DecMatthias ZachmannThe Legal Structure of the Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere, 1940-44
14 DecZou YijieThe fallen of the fifth generation
25 Jan 2012Natascha Gentz Press Freedom in Late Qing China
8 FebChristopher RosenmeierGenre hybridity and the persistence of wuxia (martial arts) in modern Chinese fiction
22 FebCui YingRepresentation of Chinese Migrant Workers in Chinese Metropolitan Newspapers
7 MarJulian WardThe Nanjing Massacre: the story that won't go away
21 MarYoko Matsumoto-SturtMobile culture in Japan
4 AprZheng JiThe Social Impact of Chinese Film Stars, 1905-1937
18 AprLin Tzu-yuHybridities in Metropolitan Diasporic Space - A Comparative Study of Diasporic Identities in Sam Selvon's London and Weng Nao's Tokyo
2 MayXiaoyi SunChinese Women Makeover Show
16 MayIan AstleyPhilosophical Approach to Early Japanese Politics

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