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As well as being the second-largest religious community in the world, Islam is now the second-largest religious community in the UK.

The latest official figures, published on 23 September 2010, suggest that 4.7% of the population of England and 1.2% of the population of both Wales and Scotland, making a total for Great Britain of 4.2%, is Muslim.

Following the general election of 6 May 2010 there are eight Members of Parliament who are Muslim (6 Labour, 2 Conservative, 5 men, 3 women), and there are eight Muslim members of the House of Lords (2 Labour, 2 Conservative, 2 Crossbench, 1 Liberal Democrat, 1 Independent, 4 men, 4 women).



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Reports, academic articles and discussion papers relating to Muslim experiences in Britain as well as a comprehensive further reading list.

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Muslims and Political Participation in Britain

In partnership with the University of Cambridge and the Muslims in Britain Research Network, the Edinburgh Alwaleed Centre has organised an exciting conference exploring political engagement of Muslim communities in Britain. The conference will be taking place in April 2012. For more information and to see the call for papers, follow the links.

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Learn more about the many organisations working with, and on behalf of, Muslim communities throughout the UK and beyond.

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Breaking Barriers

A two-day conference organised by the Church of Scotland with support from the Alwaleed Centre, Breaking Barriers aims to bring together young Christians and Muslims in Scotland.

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