Scientific remit

Our research is focused around the ‘four cornerstones’ of the Integrative Physiology approach.

The scientific remit of the Centre for Integrative Physiology (CIP) is to investigate key physiological mechanisms across multiple scales of granularity to determine the role of gene products in the integrated function of cells, organs and whole organisms.

Investigators exploit appropriate model systems and focus activities that directly facilitate the understanding of human and mammalian physiology, development and disease.

A breadth of expertise

Thus CIP investigators span the areas of genomics, proteomics, imaging, whole animal physiology and informatics.

Their expertise transcends the cardiovascular, renal, reproductive, endocrine, nervous and immune systems and span a range of model organisms.

Importantly, assembly of investigators working across these interfaces, exploiting post-genomic enabling technologies and predictive biology approaches provides a framework for novel avenues of research collaboration both within the CIP and between the CIP and other University of Edinburgh Research Centres.

Four cornerstones of the integrative physiology approach

The research activities of the CIP are focused around the ‘four cornerstones’ of the Integrative Physiology approach with investigators working across these domains:

  1. Manipulation and regulation of genes and their products
  2. Molecular imaging and quantitation
  3. Complex systems function and behaviour
  4. Predictive modelling of complex systems

Centre for Integrative Physiology brochure

The Centre for Integrative Physiology brochure is available as a downloadable pdf.

Copies are also available from the Centre secretary;


The majority of CIP investigators are located in the Hugh Robson Building in the heart of the City of Edinburgh.

Investigators in the Hugh Robson Building are coordinated within three major research groups:

Other investigators are distributed within other University Centres across the major research sites of the University of Edinburgh including:

  • the New Royal Infirmary at Little France
  • the Western General Hospital
  • the Science & Engineering campus at King’s Buildings
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