Graduate Attributes

Resources introducing and supporting the role of Graduate Attributes in personal tutoring.

As a fundamental part of students’ success, both now and in the future, Graduate Attributes are central to the Personal Tutor relationship:

  • in reflecting on academic performance;
  • in reflecting on how formal and informal learning contributes to longer-term aspirations;
  • in engaging as a member of a community of learners.

Exploring achievements, challenges, goals and plans in relation to Graduate Attributes can help ensure productive and useful discussions at all stages of University life.


Here are some of the key resources to help Personal Tutors in their discussions with tutees about Graduate Attributes:

Introduction to Graduate Attributes - written both for tutors and tutees, an overview of Graduate Attributes: what they are; how they’re developed; where they’re used; potential discussions in personal tutoring meetings; and where to find out more.

Sample session plans - not prescriptive or exhaustive, but some ideas for group sessions to run with tutees on Graduate Attributes.

Where can I find out more?

Further background information and resources on Graduate Attributes are available in the staff section of the Employability Initiative website:

The last section of ‘Introduction to Graduate Attributes ’ includes information on resources for students relevant to Graduate Attributes.

The development of students' Graduate Attributes positively impacts on their performance as a student, but is also integral to their employability and future careers. The Careers Service has a web resource specifically for personal tutors to help you to support your tutees in this area.

Staff who would like to find out more about Graduate Attributes should contact Dr Gavin McCabe at the University’s Employability Consultancy.

  • Dr Gavin McCabe
  • Employability Consultancy

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