Institute Advisory Group

The Institute for Academic Development (IAD) has its own Advisory Group, which meets twice each year (April/May and November/December).

Advisory Group remit

To support the IAD as it develops, to ensure that:

  • its activities are led by the strategic priorities of the University and Colleges
  • it is clearly visible to all users and provides a coherent range of academic development support for students and staff
  • its activities are informed by and contribute to relevant developments in educational research
  • it contributes to a growing international reputation for the University in academic development support and innovation

The Advisory Group also exists to:

  • to ensure strong two way lines of communication between the Institute and Schools/Colleges
  • to engage with EUSA and the student body
  • to involve support groups in the work of the Institute
  • to help establish strong links between the Institute and University committees, other support groups and users of Institute services
  • to help prioritise between competing demands on Institute resources
  • to play a key role in evaluating the effectiveness and impact of the Institute

IAD Advisory Group membership (2014)

  • Dr Sue Rigby (Vice Principal Learning and Teaching)
  • Dr Jon Turner (Director, Institute for Academic Development)
  • Dr Velda McCune (Deputy Director, Institute for Academic Development)
  • Professor Graeme Reid (Dean of Learning and Teaching, CSE)
  • Professor Alan Murray (Dean of Students, CSE)
  • Professor Neil Turner (Director of Undergraduate Learning and Teaching, CMVM)
  • Professor Dorothy Miell (Head of College of Humanities and Social Science)
  • Dr Tina Harrison (Director of Academic Standards and Quality Assurance)
  • Professor Jeff Haywood (Vice Principal Knowledge Management & Chief Information officer)
  • Shelagh Green (Director, Careers Service)
  • Sheila Gupta (Director, Human Resources)
  • John Lowery (Dean of Undergraduate Studies, CHSS)
  • Professor Peter Higgins (Dean of Students CHSS)
  • Sarah Purves (EUSA)
  • Dash Sekhar (EUSA Sabbatical Representative)
  • Professor Ian Pirie (Assistant Principal Learning Development)
  • Mark Wetton (Head of Learning Services, User Services, IS)
  • Professor Jeremy Bradshaw (Dean of Postgraduate Taught and International, CMVM)
  • Dr Toby Bailey (Director of Teaching, School of Mathematics)
  • Professor James Smith, Vice Principal International

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