How to deposit your data

How to register, set up a collection, and deposit an item (dataset).

How to register

  1. Point a browser window to Edinburgh DataShare, via link below or in Related links.
  2. Once in Edinburgh DataShare, you will find "My Account" in the dark blue left-hand menu bar. Click on "Register."
  3. Fill in the EASE authentication prompts and wait for confirmation email. Note only University of Edinburgh staff, students or visitors are eligible to deposit (visitors and research collaborators may apply for an EASE friend account, via link below).

How to set up a data collection

  1. On the Edinburgh DataShare home page, browse the list of Communities to see if your research community is listed.
  2. Send a message to indicating that you have registered, and that you wish to add a new Collection to an existing Community, or to create a new Community and Collection.
  3. Please, indicate the names of those who should have deposit rights to the new Collection (including yourself), and provide the name, a short description and an optional introductory paragraph for the new Collection.
  4. The repository administrator will send you an email indicating when your Collection is ready to be populated.

How to deposit items (datasets)

The Data Library team are always happy to guide you through the submission process, just contact us for an appointment.

  1. If a Collection has been set up, log into Edinburgh DataShare, select the appropriate Collection and click on "Submit a new item to this collection". Alternatively deposits may also be made at any point by clicking on "Deposit" on the DataShare homepage. These deposits will be stored in a "holding" collection and moved to the appropriate Collection once available. N.B. if you have a large number of files, which you wish to deposit as many different items each with their own descriptions etc please contact the Data Library team on to discuss possible batch import.
  2. Follow the instructions for describing your item, filling in as many data description fields (metadata) as you are able. At each step you may "Save & Exit" or continue to the next step. You can find your saved items in the "Submissions" section.
  3. Follow the instructions to upload your item. This should include all the data files (in one or more formats) and all the documentation files needed to make the data understandable and re-usable.
  4. Review your metadata, data files and documentation files. Correct any errors.
  5. If you decided to attach an open data licence you will be given the opportunity to do so.
  6. When your item is ready click on "Complete Submission" and wait for confirmation from the Collection's editor. Once your item is live on Edinburgh DataShare, you can take note of the permanent URL (handle) or bookmark the page.
  7. Feel free to contact Edinburgh DataShare administrators to ask questions or request a meeting with Data Library staff to go over the requirements for your collection.


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