Paying for Interlibrary Loans

Details of how much it costs to use the ILL service, and how to pay for the service.

How much does it cost?

From 1st August 2012, staff and students of the University each have a quota of interlibrary loans that are provided free of charge. Details of the quotas are listed below.

Staff or StudentQuota of free loans
Research Postgraduate30
Taught Postgraduate20

If you use your quota of free loans, there will be a charge of £5.00 per item for the supply of any subsequent loans or renewals.

Any unused parts of the 2013/14 quota of free loans cannot be carried forward to the next year, they are void after 31/7/2014.

User categoryCost for each fulfilled request
University of Edinburgh staff and students - first 150 requests£5.00
Full rate (requests above the 150 limit)£18.00
External readers [including UKLP, SRX, General Council members]£18.00

Items are supplied at the subsidised rate of £5.00 per item. Any requests over the 150 limit will be charged at the full rate of £18 per item.


Renewals are at the discretion of the lending library. Most lenders do not charge for renewals. However, any additional charges will be passed on to the borrower.

Please note, each renewal will count as a single request from the quota of free ILLs.

Intralibrary loans

Intralibrary loan (Intrall) requests are supplied free of charge. Use the Intralibrary Loan service (Intrall) to obtain items held in other Library sites within the University of Edinburgh.

How to pay for the service

Advice notes are sent to you by email, detailing all charges for items supplied.

Some Schools and courses will pay for ILLs for their staff and/or postgraduate students. Before paying, check with your School's administrative staff, or IS Consultancy Services staff, to find out if your School covers the cost for you, and how.

Payment should be made via the University's ePay system. Please do not attempt to pay until you receive an advice note.

School administrative staff who would like more information about paying for their members' ILL requests should contact

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