Finding academic literature

A collection of quick links to the academic research literature and other printed and electronic information resources, both at Edinburgh and beyond.


All books held by the University Library are listed in the online catalogues.

Finding academic papers

A quick guide to locating and obtaining the academic research literature for your subject.


The easiest way to identify the journal literature is by means of one of the many bibliographic databases available.


Once you have identified the papers you need, there are a number of ways of locating the journals in which they have been published.

Print journals at Edinburgh

All print journal titles are listed in the Library's online catalogue and will be available at one or more of the University's libraries.

Ejournals at Edinburgh

The University also has a subscription to the full text of a large collection of electronic journals, which may be viewed from your computer.

Inter-library loans

If you cannot find a book or journal at Edinburgh, you can generally order this up through the Inter-library loan service for a small charge.


Subject guides

Check the Library's guides for your subject as you may find some readymade links to useful websites.

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