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El Pais

Access Information: Access on and off campus
Description: Full text of El Pais newspaper. Deep archive available by clicking on “Hemeroteca” and then “Archivo Edicion Impresa”
Coverage:4th May 1976 onwards
Note:5 concurrent users

PAIS International

Access Information: Access on and off campus
Description:This resource covers issues in the public debate through selective coverage of a wide variety of international sources including journal articles, books, government documents, statistical directories, grey literature, research reports, conference papers, web content, and more. PAIS International is the current file covering 1972 to present. Topics covered include: Economic conditions, Education, Energy resources and policy, Government, Health conditions, Human rights, International Relations, Labor conditions and policy, Politics, Social conditions, Civil rights movement.

Papal Letters

Access information:Access on and off campus. Select "Enter Databases".
Description:The electronic version of the celebrated Registres et lettres des Papes du XIIIe siècle (32 vols.; Rome, 1883- ) and the Registres et lettres des Papes du XIV e siècle (48 vols.; Rome, 1899- ). Complemented with unpublished information. More than 220,000 documents providing insights into the most varied aspects of medieval society. A valuable resource for researchers of artistic patronage, this database will be useful for History of Art, Divinity and History researchers.

Passport (Euromonitor International)

Access information:Access on and off campus.
Description:Provides online access to business intelligence on countries, consumers and industries. It offers integrated access to statistics, market reports, company profiles and information sources, with breadth and depth of international coverage. It is especially useful for studying entry into new country markets, the launch of new products and services targeted to new consumer market segments, benchmarking companies against competitors or investigating the growth potential of specific industry sectors. Complete reports can be generated.
Coverage:205 countries are researched, with extended coverage of 52.
Note:First time users will be asked to register

Past Masters

Access information:Access on and off-campus.
Description:The Past Master Series encompasses the largest collection of full-text electronic editions in philosophy in the world, in both the original language and in English translation. Combined with powerful web-based search and reference tools, the Past Masters series provides scholars with significantly-enhanced and highly-flexible access to the classic texts.


See the above link for a list of Patents e-resources available to the University of Edinburgh.


Access information:Available from PathCAL (Choose Login via your home institution).
Description:Database of web-based tutorials designed to help students understand the basic pathological principles of disease by exploiting techniques in learning psychology.
They can be used by beginners for learning the subject for the first time or by more advanced students for review and self-assessment.
The tutorials were written and developed by experienced university teachers over the last ten years and have been subsequently edited and enhanced by both staff and students.

Patrologia Latina

Access information:Access on and off campus.
Description:Electronic version of the first edition of Jacques-Paul Migne's Patrologia Latina, published between 1844 and 1855, and the four volumes of indexes published between 1862 and 1865.
Comprising the original Latin texts of the works of the Church Fathers from Tertullian in 200 AD to the death of Pope Innocent III in 1216, the database also includes the prefatory material, critical apparatus, and Migne's column numbers.

Patrologiae Graecae

Access information:Access on and off campus.
Description:Electronic version of Migne's Patrologiae Graecae contains more than 160 volumes of Greek material (with Latin translations) relevant to the study of the history of the Christian Church from its beginnings through the Council of Florence in 1439.
The electronic version has been created using the first edition of Patrologiae Graecae.

Peace Research Abstracts

Access Information:Access on and off campus
Description: Covering essential areas related to peace research, including conflict resolution, international affairs and peace psychology, this index contains more than 267,000 records which are carefully selected from the most important sources within the discipline, such as: Journal of Peace Research, Journal of Conflict Resolution and International Journal of Refugee Law.

The People

Access information:Select the ‘Source’ tab and select title from the A-Z list. Also availbale from Factiva. Click on Source and select title from A-Z list or search for title. Cookies must be enabled on your browser.
Description: Full text of Sunday tabloid newspaper, The People. Available online within two days of publication. Some articles by freelancers, some features and some supplements may not be available.
Coverage:LexisLibrary: from 2nd Jan 1994.
Factiva: From 5th March 1995 (Selected coverage from 5 March 1995 to 6 April 1996).

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For more information on finding newspaper articles see Newspapers entry.

People's Daily

Access information:On-campus access. Acces avaiable off campus via VPN.
Description:Complete archives of the People's Daily (Ren min ri bao) newspaper 1946-2011 and current subscription from 2013 onwards. People's Daily is the most important official newspaper in China, recording social, economic and political life in the country. The database can be browsed by date, and is searchable by date, article title, author, and keyword in the full text. This database is in simplified Chinese.
Coverage:From 1946 onwards with the only gap for 2012. For access to the current content from 2013 onwards, please follow the second link above.o from now. For access to the current year content, please follow the second link above.

PEP Web Archive

- see Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing (PEP) Web Archive below

Perdita Manuscripts

Access information:Access on and off campus.
Description:Digital facsimiles of over 230 manuscripts written or compiled by women in the British Isles during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, sourced from 15 libraries and archives in the UK and North America.
These early modern women authors were otherwise little known because their writing exists only in manuscript form. Manscript content includes works of poetry, drama, religious writing, autobiographical material, cookery and medical recipes, and accounts.
Contains biographical and bibliographical resources, as well as contextual essays by academics working in the field.
Coverage:16th -17th centuries.

Periodicals Archive Online

Access information:Access on and off-campus.
Description:An archival databases of digitised journal backfiles in the arts, humanities and social sciences. Periodicals Archive Online covers 37 subject categories, in a number of languages.
Coverage:From journal first issue up to 1995.

Periodicals Index Online

Access information:Access on and off campus.
Description:A database of journal articles citations in the arts, humanities and social sciences. covers 37 subject categories, in 44 languages and dialects.
Coverage:From journal first issue up to 1995.

Le Petit Robert

Access:Access on and off campus.
Description:The 2010 online edition of Paul Robert's popular French dictionary Le Nouveau Petit Robert De La Langue Francaise which was first published in 1967. The Dictionary contains 60,000 word entries with 300,000 definitions illustrated by examples. 1,240 author biograpnical references. It also includes idioms, homonyms, synonyms, antonyms, and hundreds of citations. Updated annually.


Access information:Access on and off campus
Description:PhilPapers is a comprehensive index of philosophy books and articles. PhilPapers offers unique features such as real-time indexing of pre-prints, fine-grained classification by topic, email alerts, reading lists, advanced search functionality, and discussion forums.
Coverage:Main areas are History of Western Philosophy, Metaphysics and Epistemology, Philosophical Traditions, Science, Logic and Mathematics, Value Theory.

Philosopher's Index

Access information:Access on and off campus.
Description:Contains bibliographical information and abstracts of articles in philosophy and related disciplines published in over 300 journals world wide. Major areas covered include aesthetics, epistemology, ethics, history of philosophy, logic, metaphysics, political and social philosophy, and the philosophy of disciplines, including education, history, language, law, religion and science.
Coverage:From 1940 to date.

Physical Education Index

Access information:Access on and off campus.
Description:The database indexes physical education literature, including peer-reviewed journals, report literature, conference proceedings, trade magazines, patents, articles from the popular press, and many other publications. The database is updated monthly.
Coverage:From 1970 onwards.

PILOTS Database: Published International Literature On Traumatic Stress

Access information:Available on and off campus.
Description:Citations to literature on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other mental-health sequelae of traumatic events.
Coverage:Citations from 1871 onwards.

Plant Micromorphology Bibliography

Access information:Access on and off campus.
Description:90,000 references to publications on plant anatomy and pollen/spore morphology in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, and is regularly updated with new literature. All aspects of angiosperm and gymnosperm plant structure are covered, together with vegetative anatomy of pteridophytes. Maintained by the Kew Micromorphology Group.

Policing the Shanghai International Settlement, 1894-1945

Access:Access on campus. Off campus access is available via the VPN.
Description:These files represent a large portion of the archives of the British-run municipal police force based in Shanghai's former International Settlement. This self-governing area was administered not by the Chinese but by the international group of merchants and bankers who paid the taxes and controlled the municipal council. The Special Branch of the Shanghai Municipal Police was charged with providing an orderly environment for Shanghai's foreign trade and commerce.


Access information:Access on and off campus.
Description:Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health/Center for Communication Programs maintains POPLINE, a freely available searchable database with over 350,000 reproductive health, population, family planning records for scientific articles, reports, books, and unpublished reports from the 1970s onwards although there are occasional references to early 1800s material.
Coverage: 1970s onwards.

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Practical Law

Access:Available on and off campus.
Description:Practical Law is a database of legal know-how, transactional analysis and market intelligence for lawyers.


Access information:Access on and off campus.
Description:This is the complete full-text and full-image archive of the most important newspaper of the Soviet era. Pravda (or "Truth") was the official voice of Soviet communism and the Central Committee of the Communist Party between 1918 and 1991.
The database is in Russian.
Coverage:1912 - present.

Prelinger Archives

Access information:Access on and off campus.
Description:Almost 2,000 key titles from the film collection acquired by the US Library of Congress from the collection's founder, Rick Prelinger. The ephemeral (advertising, educational, industrial, and amateur) films from between 1927-1987 are public domain and made available under creative commons licence for free downloading and reuse. All subjects.

Primal Pictures

Access information:Access on and off campus
Description:A multimedia 3D anatomy learning resource with interactive modules, animations and quizes on organs, regions of the body, or anatomical systems.

Project MUSE

Access information:Access on and off campus.
Description:Provides access to almost 600 full text journals from 30 scholarly publishers, covering the fields of literature and criticism, history, the visual and performing arts, cultural studies, education, political science, gender studies, economics, and many others.
Note:There is no subscription to the e-books, the only e-books available are the open access titles.

ProQuest Business Package

Access information.Access on and off campus.
Description.Based on ABI/INFORM Complete, this database has speciality business subject resources for accounting / tax, public finance, investment/financial management, banking, compliance / governance, enterprise / innovation, economics and Asian business.

ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Full Text

Access information:Access on and off campus.
Description:The database includes millions of searchable citations to dissertation and theses from around the world from 1637 to the present day together with over a million full text dissertations that are available for download in PDF format. Around 70,000 new dissertations and theses added annually.
Coverage:Each dissertation published since July, 1980 includes a 350-word abstract written by the author. Master's theses published since 1988 include 150-word abstracts. Simple bibliographic citations are available for dissertations dating from 1637.
Full text - 1997 to date, with selected coverage from earlier years.
Note:Index to Theses has been asbsorbed into this product since January 2015.

Provençal Poetry

Access information:Available on and off campus
Description:The database is part of the ARTFL Project. It contains 38 works of French poetry from the 12th and 13th centuries.

PsycARTICLES (incorporated into Your Journals@OVID)

Access information:Access on and off campus.
Description:Produced and copyrighted © by the American Psychological Association, and is a database of full-text articles from 56 journals published by the American Psychological Association, the APA Educational Publishing Foundation, the Canadian Psychological Association, and Hogrefe & Huber.
The database includes all material from the print journals with the exception of advertisements, editorial board lists, instructions to authors and similar material.

Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing (PEP) Web Archive

Access information:Access on and off campus.
Description:Full-text psychoanalysis resource of: 49 journals; 96 classic books; editorial notes of the 24 volumes of the Standard Edition of the Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud; 18 volume German Freud Standard Edition Gesammelte Werke.
Coverage:1871 to 2009.


Access information:Access on and off-campus.
Description:American Psychological Association produced with citations and summaries of journal articles, book chapters, books and technical reports, as well as citations to dissertations, all in the field of psychology and psychological aspects of related disciplines.
Coverage:Journal coverage, from 1806 to the present, includes international material selected from more than 2,400 journals written in over 25 languages. Current chapter and book coverage includes worldwide English-language material from 1987 to the present.

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Public Information Online

Access information:Access on campus and off campus.
Description:Public Information Online contains material from the UK Parliament, Scottish Parliament, Northern Ireland Assembly & Scottish Government Papers. This service is provided by Dandy Booksellers and the Parliamentary Bookshop, and is updated daily.
Note:Please use VPN to download the documents if off campus.


Access information:Free service of the National Library of Medicine.
Description:Includes over 14 million citations for biomedical articles back to the 1950's. These citations are from MEDLINE and additional life science journals. PubMed includes links to many sites providing full text articles and other related resources.

PubMed Central (PMC)

Access information:Access free from the US National Library of Medicine
Description:The U.S. National Library of Medicine's free digital archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature.

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