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Databases beginning with the letter K.

Kew Record of Taxonomic Literature

Access information:Access on and off campus.
Description:Over 200,000 publications relating to the taxonomy of flowering plants, gymnosperms, and ferns, published from 1971 up to the end of 2007, when data entry ceased. Publications entered will remain available. The Plant Micromorphology and Economic Botony bibliographies continue to be updated.

Keynote Market Research

Access information:Access on and off-campus. Choose University of Edinburgh from drop down list to login.
Description: Market intelligence information. Key Note Ltd is a long-established market research publisher providing business information to corporate and academic customers throughout the UK.

King's Fund Publications

Access information:Access on and off campus.
Description:London based King's Fund is an independent charitable foundation which undertakes, amongst other things, original research into the assessment of health policies. Some of its publications are freely available online.

The Kissinger Telephone Conversations: A Verbatim Record of U.S. Diplomacy, 1969-1977

Access Information:Access on and off campus.
Description:This collection documents Kissinger's conversations with top officials in the Nixon and Ford administrations, senior officials as well as noted journalists, ambassadors, and business leaders close to the White House.
Topics range widely, including d├ętente with Moscow, the Vietnam War, the Jordanian crisis (1970), rapprochement with China, the Middle East negotiations, U.S.- European relations, U.S-Japan relations, the Cyprus crisis, and the unfolding Watergate crisis.

The Kissinger Transcripts: a Verbatim Record of U.S. Diplomacy, 1969-1977

Access:Access on and off campus.
Description:These documents cover Kissinger's time in office as National Security Adviser and then Secretary of State. Some three quarters of the 2,163 declassified documents in this collection were produced by Kissinger and his assistants on the National Security Council Staff. Even after Kissinger became Secretary of State, he relied on the NSC system for keeping meeting records, especially of the most sensitive matters such as relations with Beijing and Moscow, Middle East diplomacy, or meetings with the president.

Kluwer Arbitration

Access information:Access on campus. is an online resource for international arbitration research. It contains commentary from expert authors and an extensive collection of primary source materials.

The Knowledge Network (was NHS e-library)

Access information:Access on and off campus.
Description: The Knowledge Network includes and supersedes the NHS e-library.
Search 12 million information and learning resources from more than 100 providers including collections of articles, books and journals, guidelines, policy documents, resources for patients and service users, evaluated websites and e-learning courses.

Kotobarabia Arabic e-Library - Arab Leaders, Historians and Philosophers Collection

Access information:Access on and off campus
Description:This is an Arabic e-book collection containing approximately 5,000 titles from nearly 1,000 important Arab thinkers, philosophers, historians, politicians, and theologians in the Arab world. Topics cover feminism, modern medicine, political reforms, including the Orabi Revolution, education, arts, religion, and more. The collection includes works by the Four Imams of the Sunni Sect, the Al Azhar Modern Sheikhs; various authors of the Modern Arab Enlightenment, and rare works by the former Egyptian royal family. The database search platform is in English, with printable and downloadable features.

Kotobarabia Arabic e-Library - Modern Arab Renaissance Collection

Access informationAccess on and off campus.
DescriptionThis exclusive electronic archive consists of over 3,000 books published from 1820-1914 across the Islamic World, with special focus on Egypt and Syria. Subject coverage includes sciences and humanities: philosophy, theology, literature, arts, history and politics. Content is in Arabic. Search interface can be switched between English and Arabic, and both include a virtual Arabic keyboard for easy text input.

Kotobarabia Arabic e-Library - Modern Egyptian Collection

Access informationAccess on and off campus.
DescriptionOver 4,500 titles of publications including banned literature, fiction, non-fiction, scholarly and popular, written by Arab authors and in particular leading authors from Egypt. Over 80% of the titles are unavailable or very hard to acquire even in print form. The e-library is arranged into 31 categories. Content is in Arabic. Search interface can be switched between English and Arabic, and both include a virtual Arabic keyboard for easy text input.

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