Survey structure

There are some specific points to note about the BOS tool.

Designing your survey

You must have a first page and a last page, with text but no questions. You can of course use the front page to provide instructions on completing the survey, and the last page to thank the respondents.

The BOS tool provides the option of creating pages, sections, questions, and embedded questions, allowing you to create quite sophisticated structures for your survey. It is always useful to consider this structuring before starting to build a survey. Generally users find it helpful to have similar questions grouped together and to have linked and conditional questions clearly flagged up.

Changing and moving items

Questions can be moved from place to place within a page, but cannot be moved from one page to another.

You cannot change the question type once selected, so it is useful to consider all the question types available to you and decide which is most appropriate for each question before you begin construction.

Question types

Some of the question types (e.g. using notes to place an image in a question) require some knowledge of HTML to set up properly. Images should always be accompanied by "alt" tags and all filenames of whatever format must be entirely lowercase.

Questions may be mandatory or optional: If optional, you can choose to mark them as such on the questionnaire. The user will be unable to move on from one page to another until all mandatory questions have been completed.

Saving incomplete surveys

You can set the survey so that users can save responses up to a point, and return to complete the survey later. However this must be complete pages - part-completed pages which have been submitted cannot be revisited.

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