Logging in with EASE

What is EASE?


EASE is the University of Edinburgh's web authentication service. By logging in with your University username and EASE password, you can gain access to many web services, including MyEd portal, the Learn and Moodle online learning environments, and online library resources.

Once you log into EASE, you can access these resources for up to 16 hours without having to login again.

EASE login page

Who can use EASE?

  • Students
  • Members of Staff
  • Student Applicants
  • Alumni
  • Official visitors to the University

What is my University Username (UUN)?

Current students, student applicants, and recent alumni:

Your UUN is the letter 's' followed by your matriculation number; for example, s0987654. Your matriculation number can be found on the front of your University card (for students), in the email that provided your initial registration details (applicants), or by contacting the IS Helpline (see below).

Staff, registered visitors, and alumni who graduated before EASE was introduced:

If you don't know your UUN, please contact the IS Helpline. (Your UUN is not the same as your staff number.)

Registering with EASE

You should only have to register with EASE once. If you have ever accessed your EASE account, you will not be able to register again unless you have been issued a new registration key by a member of support staff.

To register, you will need to have your University Username (UUN) and registration key.

  • Go to the EASE registration page:
  • Enter your UUN and the registration key issued to you.
EASE registration page

Step 2 of the registration process lets you set up "shared secrets". Shared secrets are details which only you can know (usually about yourself). You should ensure that your answers are simple, preferably a single word, as you will need to re-enter the text exactly should you ever need to reset your password.

If you did not receive or have lost your single-use registration password, please contact the IS Helpline.

Logging in and out of EASE

When you access an online service which uses EASE authentication (such as the MyEd portal), the EASE authentication page will load and you will be asked to log in. Use your UUN (University username) and the permanent password you chose when you registered. If successful, EASE will then load the page you originally requested. Unless you log out again your EASE login will remain active for up to 16 hours. Please log out when done. This protects your personal information.

Changing your EASE password

If you would like to change your EASE password go to:

  • Enter your current password and new password.

By default, your login password (for the open access computing labs) will also be set to the new password you entered. Only if you don't want this to happen, untick the Use same password for desktop login box.

  • Select Change Password

Forgotten password

Because your password is encrypted, nobody can retrieve the password that you set - which also means that we cannot tell you your password if you forget it. However you can reset it online if you remember the answers to your shared secret questions which you entered during the registration process. If you have forgotten your shared secrets, please contact the IS Helpline.

Reset password with shared secrets

EASE User Support

Further help

Please contact the IS Helpline if you need any further assistance.

IS Helpline
Web: Self service portal (preferred)
Phone: +44 (0)131 651 5151
Availability: IS Helpline is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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