Staff and students may be able to get personal copies or home use software through university site licenses, special deals or academic discount sites.

Before purchasing software for your own use at home, it is worth checking to see if you qualify for a cheaper option under one of our deals. Every deal is different - or so it seems! So check the deal for the software you want, not all permit you to use or buy software for use at home.

These lists will not include local deals arranged within your school. If you can't find the software here - check with your school or unit in case they have the software you want.

Ordering personal software through IS

Details of how personal copies of some software can be ordered through the University.

Ordering personal software through IS

Ordering personal software externally

Some discounts for student and staff personal copies have to be bought through resellers from their web sites.

External websites for staff and student personal software

Main Software Deals

Details of the main software deals available for Staff and Students at the University as well as information on all further deals.

Main Software Deals

What software is available?

Use our software database to find software by name or by category and discover whether we have a deal for it (requires edlan acess to see this page).

Search for software

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