Nvivo overview

NVivo is qualitative data analysis software designed for work with very rich text and/or multimedia information.

Software services administer the 5 year NVivo site license agreement, now underwritten by HSS college. The college permits all university staff and students to use the software under the agreement for their university work.

The new agreement ends 1st April 2020. Old codes will expire 12th May 2015. New codes will expire 12th May 2017.

Nvivo at the university

Find out how university units can obtain nvivo and how it can be installed at the university.

Nvivo for schools and other university units

Nvivo home use

Details on how to get nvivo for staff and student home use.

Home use and personal copies of nvivo

Nvivo licenses

nvivo terms and conditions and useful links

Details of university of edinburgh nvivo deal

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