NVivo is qualitative data analysis software designed for work with very rich text and/or multimedia information.

Software services administer the 5 year NVivo site license agreement, now underwritten by HSS college. The college permits all university staff and students to use the software under the agreement for their university work.

Current agreement ends 1st April 2015, but will be renewed. Annual codes will expire on 16th May 2015.

NVivo at the University

University units can use Nvivo as part of the university wide site license.

If any unit requires a media copy of the software for installation, disks can be ordered for £10 a copy from Software Services via EIT.

Installing NVivo

Nvivo should be available in the application store of the windows managed desktop for any current staff or student.

Visitors and honorary staff will need confirmation from their university unit that the software is being used for unit/university work. Contact IS helpline with that confirmation to get NVivo installed on your University-managed computer please, in the first instance, contact the IS Helpline:

Home use copies for Staff and Students under site license

University Staff and Students are able to install NVivo on personal computers for University work.

University Staff and Students can purchase install disks for £10 from the IS Helpdesk in the University's Main Library in George Square, or online using ePay. Alternatively they might be able to contact the mobile device clinic or their school's IT support staff to get it installed or them.

Technical and Agreement details

Nvivo is published by QSR International, go to their web site more technical details of Nvivo.

Software services administer a 5 year Chest site license agreement for the university, ending after April 2015. Detailed information on the Chest agreement can be found on the EDUSERV site. Upgrades are included in the contract for the length of the agreement.

Please note: Site license copies are for installation on personal computers for University work only. Any Staff and Students wishing their own personal copies will need to purchase them from the publisher, QSR (web link below).

The site license permits use in UK or Ireland. Use of our site license software outwith the UK and Ireland is limited to up to 3 months. Contact QSR for permission if you want to use our site license software abroad for longer than 3 months.

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