Terms and Conditions

All published software comes with legal Terms & Conditions attached to them.

Clicking I Agree when installing software or using university software is implicitly agreeing with the terms and conditions of the license. Also anyone receiving a university login has agreed to abide by the University Computing Regulations.

School software list

Contains the main software deals available to UoE units

The list summarises terms and conditions for the main site license agreements and bulk purchase schemes administered by Software Services.

Software Deal Conditions

Student Software List

Contains the availablity for personal or home use copies.

List the main deals and what the terms and conditions are for students personal or home use of the software.

Personal and home use software

Queries about software licenses
If you have any licensing queries about software then please contact us. We will help if we can. Obviously if the software license is not through one of our deals that might be limited and contacting the vendor or software publishing house might be the best option.

Software License responsibilites

You have a responsibilty to comply with the terms and conditions for any software you buy or use at the university.

It's your responsibility to keep software licences, codes and media in a secure place. Software licence terms & conditions do vary and each licence should be read carefully. Do not assume that it will be the same as previously bought software from the same supplier.

Copyright Infringement

Please remember: copying software without permission is illegal.

In the long term it will not save you or the University money. This warning is no less important for software for which there is a special deal or site licence, since the conditions of these agreements require that records are kept of every copy made. Illegal copying could lead to the withdrawal of our licence and consequently the loss of the discounted pricing.

Eduserv License Conditions

EduSERV has made available a general form for the acknowledgement of third-party licensing rights. Software Services administer a number of Eduserv site licenses and special purchases.

The form should be filled out and returned to Software Services whenever a member of Staff or a Student takes receipt of a piece of software through one of the University's Eduserv agreements.

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