Encryption for your computer

Before you begin

Please note the following considerations before encrypting your data:

  • Data encryption is not a substitute for other information protection controls.
    • Encryption should be used in conjunction with other controls such as access-control or authentication.
  • Data encryption is reliant on the creation of a strong password.
  • Encrypted data cannot be recovered in the event of a failure.
    • If the encryption key is lost, the disk image gets corrupted, or the hard disk fails, any encrypted data will be lost.
    • Establish a reliable and secure backup procedure for the data and any related passwords.


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Encryption in Windows

Software encryption solutions for Windows.

Encryption in Windows

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Encryption in Mac OS X

Software encryption solutions for Mac.

Encryption in Mac OSX

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TrueCrypt Encryption

Software encryption for cross - or older - platform usage.

TrueCrypt Encryption

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