Introduction to Sophos

The University of Edinburgh provides mac anti-virus software to entitled users to protect their home and non-supported desktop macs from being infected with malware.

Sophos anti-virus software

Sophos anti-virus icon

Sophos Anti-Virus is our recommended and supported anti-virus software for Mac OS 10.6 and later.

What is malware?

The term malware comes from blending the words malicious and software together.

Malware covers items, such as viruses, keyloggers, trojan horses, root kits and worms. It also covers less sinister items such as spyware and adware which can be used to monitor your web surfing.

What does anti-virus software do?

Anti-virus software scans a computer's memory and disk drives for viruses. If a virus is found the anti-virus software will notify the user and can clean, delete, or quarantine any infected files.

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