Requesting new telephones

If you require a new telephone extension, or you are planning a significant rearrangement of telephone provision in your area, please contact Telephone Operations.

Contact Telephone Operations as soon as the requirement for new extensions is known, even if the exact date has not been confirmed.

Please provide the following details:

  • Names of telephone users
  • Extension numbers to be used or the quantity of new extensions required
  • Locations for the new services - port number, room, building
  • Date new extension is required
  • Contact details of a nominated installation coordinator

If you are planning a large-scale project involving significant number of telephone extensions, please consult the telephone installation guidelines.

Please see the telephone installation charges page (under "related links" below) for costs of new telephone extensions.

Conference phones

If you need a phone which allows a group of people round a table to participate in a phone call, you will require a "conference phone" designed for the purpose. You can rent such phones through Telephone Operations, or you can have one permanently installed. In both cases (as for all new phones), you will need a data network port and a 13-amp socket to connect the phone.

If you want a permanently-installed conference phone, please see the telephone installation charges page (under "related links" below) for costs. Contact Telephone Operations to arrange for it to be supplied and installed.

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