Availability and entitlement

Our availability and information on who is entitled to the service.

Groups entitled to use this service

  • Researchers
  • Teachers
  • Support staff
  • External organisations (see service definition for terms and conditions)
  • Students as part of University courses if arranged by academic staff.


Free for Teaching

Costs for accounts for on-demand content are waived when they are used solely for the delivery of material as part of a taught University course (undergraduate and taught post-graduate).

Charges for on-demand hosting & streaming

Podcasting AccountVideo AccountHD Video AccountWindows Media Account
Audio Podcast
Audio Streaming
Audio File Format(s)MP3/MP4MP3/MP4MP3/MP4WMA
Video Podcasting
Video Streaming
HD/Screen Capture Video Podcasting
HD/Screen Capture Video Streaming
Video File FormatH.264(MP4)H.264(MP4)WMV
Annual usage report
Online access to usage reports
Max simultaneous connections100 (pa)100 (pa)100 (pa)
Initial Storage Quota1GB4GB8GB2GB
Annual Charge£50 pa£100 pa£200 pa£200 pa
Additional 3 GB Storage per annum£50 pa£50 pa£75 pa£200 pa

For more information about external charges please see the Service Definitions document.

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