Corporate applications are officially supported on a minimum set of web browsers across the main operating systems.

Supported web browsers for 2013-2014

Windows 7Firefox 17, Internet Explorer 10
Windows XPFirefox 10, Internet Explorer 7
Mac OS XFirefox 17
Linux (scientific linux version 6)Firefox 17

Chrome and Safari are not supported web browsers and not tested against the University’s corporate applications, but are available via the managed desktop.

New Major releases of Firefox will be reviewed within 2013-2014 if support is withdrawn for current version by the vendor.

For Firefox 10 and Internet Explorer 7 on Windows XP, no guarantee will be given that new applications will be compatible with these browsers as Windows XP is being de-commissioned.

The list of web browsers supported for use with University corporate applications is reviewed annually.

Compliance details by application

Listing of which web browser corporate application runs compliantly on:

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