Spoken Dialogue for Intelligent Tutoring Systems: Opportunities and Challenges

By Diane Litman

Diane Litman

One major difference between human tutors and current computer tutors is that only human tutors participate in unconstrained natural language dialogue with students. This difference has led to the conjecture that human tutoring might be so effective because of its use of natural language dialogue. Potential advantages of natural language dialogue as a learning environment include providing opportunities for both the tutor to infer information about a student, and the student to participate more actively in the learning process. Thus in recent years, the development of automated tutorial dialogue systems has emerged as an important topic of research in the field of technology enhanced learning.

Tutorial dialogue has also become of great interest to researchers in human language technologies, as tutoring applications differ in many ways from the types of applications for which speech and natural language dialogue systems are typically developed. This talk will illustrate some of the opportunities and challenges in the area of spoken tutorial dialogue systems, focusing on issues such as affective reasoning, discourse analysis, and performance evaluation.

Spoken Dialogue for Intelligent Tutoring Systems: Opportunities and ChallengesWednesday 6 February 2008, 4pm
Diane Litman

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