Bytesize Giving

A bit is "a difference that makes a difference" (Bateson 1979).


Many able candidates think twice before accepting a place at University, and some are forced by financial burdens to miss opportunities or drop out. The School of Informatics wants to ensure that the best students can study here, irrespective of background or financial circumstance.

We have set up the Informatics Student Support Fund to help students facing financial difficulty, giving them the opportunity to excel and become the leaders of tomorrow. The Fund will support student bursaries and travel.

  • Access Bursaries are awarded to those with the ability and potential to benefit from Higher Education, who may be held back by financial need or personal circumstances. Bursaries start at ten bits (£1,023) to help with the cost of entering full-time education, and are given to those who have already secured a place at the School of Informatics, but may face financial hardship if they were to take it up. Twelve bits (£4095) provides a bursary to support four years of undergraduate study.
  • Travel funds assist promising undergraduate and postgraduate students who need to travel to conferences, seminars or other events to achieve the best in their studies. Four bits (£15) enables a student to attend a research seminar elsewhere in Scotland; eight bits (£255) lets her present a paper at a European workshop.
  • Bytesize Giving starts at three bits (£7) so that everyone can contribute to help our students prepare to create the future.

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