Booking a room

Information for staff on the room booking procedure.

Booking a Room in the Forum

Existing Room bookings can be viewed at:

To amend or delete an existing booking please email:

Please note that the following resources can also be booked:

- OHP - Please contact for this facility.

- Posterboards - Stored in G.19 and the key can be had from Reception for self assembly.

- Conference Phones - Kept in Admin Offices on each floor - check room booking system to check which one has been booked off for you.

- Flip Charts - Most Admin Offices have a flip chart available - please contact them directly

Room Booking Guidelines

Before booking a room, please ensure that you have read and are familiar with the guidelines on using bookable rooms:

Catering Guidelines

If your meeting is to involve catering, please ensure that the caterer is provided with and has read the procedural notes.

All catering should access the building via the Goods Entrance, never via the main entrance

It is important for the reception to know what catering company is expected for what meeting, as we regularly have more than one company in for different events and the receptionists need to know where to direct them to.

If the catering company requires access to the Ground Floor Professional kitchen, please notify Dave Hamilton (at least 2 work days in advance) as there is paperwork to be signed to comply with Food Hygiene Regulations. Please note that without a copy of the required signed paperwork, the key to the kitchen will not be handed out.

External Bookings

Please note that all external booking require an Informatics sponsor and need to be approved in advance by either HoS or Liz Elliot.

Booking a Room in Appleton Tower

To book or amend an existing booking contact the ITO* at:

Informatics Teaching Organisation, University of Edinburgh, Room 4.02, Appleton Tower, Crichton Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9LE


*Please note that the ITO can only book rooms on floors 3, 4 and 5.

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