Special circumstances

Special circumstances affecting performance in any assessments should be registered by the student with the Board of Examiners, via the student's Personal Tutor.

Special circumstances can sometimes affect a student's performance in following a course, in producing coursework or in completing examinations. Procedures exist to highlight these circumstances and seek consideration of them in evaluations of academic performance.

Examples of special circumstances might be:

  • physical illness or injury
  • depression or similar mental or emotional illness
  • specific learning difficulty
  • bereavement or serious illness of a person with whom the student has a close relationship
  • serious financial or accommodation difficulties

General guidance on special circumstances

Guidance on the administration of special circumstances is available at the Academic Services website.

To account for the impact of any such conditions, the special circumstances form should be completed by the student and their Personal Tutor. The supplied information will then be considered by the Special Circumstances Committee, who may then make a recommendation to the Board of Examiners.

Guidance for students

If you have special circumstances you must contact your Student Support Officer or Personal Tutor no later than 2 working days after the last assessment affected.

Formal guidance for students on the special circumstances process is available:

Guidance for staff

Formal guidance for staff on the special circumstances process is available:

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