Climate Change Network

The Climate Change Network within the College of Humanities and Social Sciences is coordinated by Edinburgh Research and Innovation (ERI) as part of the research development and knowledge exchange service.

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The aim of the network is to encourage collaboration, interdisciplinary research and engagement with public policy and business. Many of our network members are also involved with the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation (see link at the end of the page).

People involved in the Climate Change Network

Climate justice, Public engagement with renewable energy and, Public health dimensions of climate change

Carbon markets, carbon finance, REDD, post-2012 mechanisms

Energy markets and regulation, electricity and heat network governance, sustainability transitions

Politics of Climate Change in the EU and the US, sustainable development

Aesthetics, ethics, environment, landscape, art

Sustainable architecture

Energy Policy, North Sea Oil and Gas

Climate change ethics, environmental justice, collective responsibility

Biochar for carbon mitigation

Global Environmental Governance, Climate Change Policy

Rural electrification; Access to modern energy services; Carbon finance

Atmospheric science in climate change, climate variability and climate impacts.

History and Geography of Science

Biofuels; synthetic biology; standards development

The Law of Climate Change, Environmental Law

Computational models in Climate Change Research

Renewable energy, sociology of sustainability

Political implications of Carbon Trading

Renewable resource assessment, Renewable Energy and Distributed Generation, Life cycle assessment

North Sea geology, Oil and gas, C02 capture and storage, Energy policy

Environmental Justice, Human Rights, Ecological Debt

Understanding and Attributing Climate Change

Environmental and Outdoor Education

market microstructure of emissions trading platforms, carbon markets, carbon

Environmental knowledge, indigenous rights, MPAs, sustainable development

Policy and regulation around carbon capture and storage, India

Risk and the 'Risk Society' hypothesis, epistemology and sociology of science and technology

Human geography, Car-sharing, Everyday Life

Low energy housing, Carbon offsets, Policy, Sustainable transport solutions (STS).

Carbon Benchmarking, Voluntary Corporate Action on Climate Change, Sustainability reporting

Sociology and Political Economy of Carbon Trading

Multi-level governance of climate change; subnational climate change & energy policy

Environmental change, foresight analysis, climate change vulnerability assessment

Climate change, Poverty, Livelihoods

Rural policy, the economics of climate change adaptation & mitigation, Applied cost-benefit analysis

Agent based modelling of land use change and human-environment interactions

Outdoor Environmental Education, Sustainability, Nature and People Relationships

Ethics of Climate Change

Carbon management, Forestry, carbon markets

Ecological Philosophy, Environment and Values

Energy recovery, low-energy separations and industrial energy systems

Soil and biomass, Climate Change and Individual Action

Environmental history of cultural landscapes, historical & political ecology, environmental policy

Environmental change; GIS (land use change systems); climate change impact & adaptation

Climate change law, REDD+, Environmental law

Biochar for carbon mitigation; CO2 capture & storage; innovation, public perceptions & deployment

Energy & Infrastructure, Climate change and energy policy, European Union

Biochar; soil carbon storage; sustainable soil use; trace gas emission; crop productivity; Africa

University Sustainability Adviser

Understanding past climate change, future climate change & impacts of climate change

Climate Change, Poverty, Livelihoods

Sustainability and global warming potential of farming systems, mitigation and adaptation strategies

Energy & Society, Energy Landscapes, Valuing Nature, Ecosystem Services & Land Governance

District energy, heat networks, sustainable energy, socio-technical transition, society, markets

Policy, Organisation and Innovation in Energy Systems

Sociology of Climate Change Actors, Public Engagement

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