General policies

Information on important policies that the College adheres to.

Equality and diversity

The College is committed to promoting equality and diversity for both staff and students, in line with University policy.

Information about the University's approach to equality and diversity, including guidance on current policies, can be found on the University's Equality and Diversity website.

Staff and students with a disability

The University's Disability Office provides guidance on policy and legislation, and information for staff supporting students with a disability. Some information is also available for staff with a disability, who are encouraged to contact the human resources team for support.

Health and Safety

Information on Health and Safety policy, codes of practice, guidance, and information on training are available from the University's centralised Health and Safety department.

Freedom of information, data protection and records management

Staff may be asked to respond to a freedom of information request or require guidance on data protection and records management.

For more information, including common types of request and where to obtain guidance, please go to the following link:

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