Contact details are provided here for staff at the School of Divinity.

If you are calling from outside the University, prefix the telephone numbers provided with +44 (0)131 6.

School of Divinity
Head of SchoolProf Stewart J Brown50 8951S.J.Brown@ed.ac.uk
Director of Professional ServicesKathy Christie50 8938Katherine.Christie@ed.ac.uk
School SecretaryFelicity Smail 50 8959f.smail@ed.ac.uk
Director of Undergraduate StudiesDr Nick Adams50 8918n.adams@ed.ac.uk
Senior Personal TutorDr Sara Parvis50 8907s.parvis@ed.ac.uk
Director of Postgraduate StudiesDr David Reimer50 8977david.reimer@ed.ac.uk
Assistant Director of Postgraduate StudiesDr Arkotong Longkumer50 8781a.longkumer@ed.ac.uk
Knowledge Exchange DirectorProf Hans Barstad 50 8916H.Barstad@ed.ac.uk
Director of ResearchProf Michael Northcott50 7994M.Northcott@ed.ac.uk
Director of Quality AssuranceDr Paul Nimmo 50 8975Paul.Nimmo@ed.ac.uk
Director of InternationalDr Susan Hardman Moore50 8908s.hardmanmoore@ed.ac.uk
Director of RecruitmentDr Paul Foster50 8917paul.foster@ed.ac.uk
Head of Subject (Biblical Studies)Prof Timothy Lim50 8919limt@ed.ac.uk
Head of Subject (History of Christianity)Dr Sara Parvis50 8907s.parvis@ed.ac.uk
Head of Subject (Religious Studies)Dr Steven Sutcliffe50 8947s.sutcliffe@ed.ac.uk
Head of Subject (Theology and Ethics)Dr Cecelia Clegg50 8943c.clegg@ed.ac.uk
Convenor of Honours Board of Examiners (Divinity and Religious Studies, Philosophy and Theology)Prof Mona Siddiqui50 7912mona.siddiqui@ed.ac.uk
Convenor of PGT Board of ExaminersDr David Reimer50 8977david.reimer@ed.ac.uk
Academic Misconduct OfficerDr Nick Adams50 8900Nick.Adams@ed.ac.uk
Coordinator of AdjustmentDr Nick Adams50 8900Nick.Adams@ed.ac.uk
Teachability ContactDr Nick Adams50 8900Nick.Adams@ed.ac.uk
Associate Liaison OfficerDr Paul Foster50 8917Paul.Foster@ed.ac.uk
Equality and Diversity CoordinatorDr Elizabeth Koepping50 8946E.Koepping@ed.ac.uk

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