College Web team

Staff contact details for the College's web team.

If you are calling from outside the University, prefix the telephone numbers provided with +44 (0)131 6.

You can contact the web team using our group email address:

Please note that we have moved to 56 George Square, Edinburgh EH8 9JU (1st floor, Rooms 1.02 and 1.03).

College Web Team
Position Name Phone Email
College Web Team Manager Euan Cameron 51 3160
College Web Team Manager Aldona Gosnell 51 1143
College Web Developer Edward Boyle 51 5193
College Web Developer Hanna Cannon 51 5192
College Web Developer Gavin Maxwell 51 5191
Senior Web Content Officer Lewis Carver 51 5196
Senior Web Content Officer David Oulton 51 5194
Senior Web Content Officer (Media) Laura McLean 51 5195
Web Content Editor Guillaume Evrard 51 5591

For IT and computing support please contact the College's Computing Support Officer, Richard Lomax.

Computing Support
Position Name Phone Email
Computing Support Officer Richard Lomax 50 3664
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