The University of Edinburgh provides an ideal environment in which to obtain a Masters (MSc) degree in Archaeology.

Castlelaw Iron Age hill fort, near Edinburgh

Castlelaw Iron Age hill fort, near Edinburgh

This programme explores some of the most important developments in human history and allows you to undertake original research for a dissertation on a topic of your own choosing.

Teaching and research in archaeology has a distinguished tradition in the University of Edinburgh, where there are several clusters of specialist research areas, including:

  • late hunter-gatherers and early farmers
  • Near Eastern and Mediterranean archaeology
  • later European prehistory
  • the archaeology of Scotland
  • Roman and Byzantine archaeology
  • bioarchaeology and forensic anthropology
  • experimental archaeology.

Tailored and flexible course choices help develop your understanding of current theories, methodologies and major research issues, as well as knowledge of specific periods and regions. The topics introduce current research themes, staff research projects and potential PhD subjects, while providing a good foundation for future participation in excavation, survey and/or lab work.

The School has excellent facilities: dedicated study space, archaeological and computing laboratories, as well as teaching and reference materials for a wide range of archaeological research.

We are dedicated to encouraging new researchers in various fields of archaeological study. Contact the programme director (below) or a member of staff for more information about what Edinburgh can offer you and how we can help develop your career and interests in archaeology.

  • Robert Leighton
  • Programme Director, MSc (Taught) in Archaeology
  • Tel: 0131 650 8197

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