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Information submitted on this form may, under certain circumstances, be used as evidence in dealing with insurance claims. By submitting this form you are providing your consent for your details to be used if necessary for the reason outline above. All personal information will be treated under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998.

Any 'Email Address' entered in this form will ensure an electronic copy of this accident/incident report is sent to the specified address. Please ensure you only enter valid email addresses in the normal format.

Any field below having a red asterisk * to the right of it is mandatory and must be completed.

After submitting this form you will be presented with a printable copy ('carbon copy') for your records.

Full guidance on how to complete the online form is available as a PDF. Training is also available, please see our Training section for more details.

Section A

Date, time and place of accident, dangerous occurrence or incident

(24hr - 00:00) *

(Please enter name of building as well as room no)

* (Select School/Unit where injured person works)

(Select Dept/Sub Unit if applicable)

If 'Dept/Sub Unit' not in list, please specify:

Section B1

The person injured or involved in the accident, incident etc.


If 'Any Other Status', please specify:

Is this accident likely to result in the injured person being absent from work?

If known, first date of absence from work:

Section B2

School, etc. Safety Advisor (if known), Line Manager or Supervisor.

(; etc)

Section C

Management of Injury

Please select an appropriate choice from the menu.

Section D

Full account of accident, dangerous occurence or incident

Please describe what happened and how. In the case of an accident state what the person injured was doing:

Details of any witnesses (if known) to accident, etc.

Section E

Remedial action at Management Unit/School, etc level.

Any defect in a building associated with an accident must be reported to Works Division:

Use the box below to provide details of any remedial action taken / required to prevent a recurrence:

Section F

Details of the person making this report.

* (; etc)

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