Graduate profiles

Ecological Science graduates go on to take a variety of different career paths.

Research careers

Cairsty Grassie - BSc Biological Science with Honours in Ecology

A week after graduating, in June 2007, Cairsty took a volunteer research position at the Alaska Sea Life Center. She became fascinated by marine and freshwater ecology and, after a Masters programme at Glasgow University, she went on to Penn State University in the USA, to start a PhD looking at behaviour and cognition in different populations of a tropical species of fish which vary naturally in predation pressure.

Luke Spadavecchia - BSc Ecological Science with Honours in Ecology

Luke has continued at the University of Edinburgh and is now doing his PhD in the Institute of Atmospheric & Environmental Science, entitled 'Using Earth observation to quantify regional patterns of carbon dynamics'. He is working on using space/time geostatistics to combine ground-based observations and satellite-based Earth observation data to parameterise and run carbon models.

Working with the community

Katherine Kennedy - BSc Ecological Science with Honours in Conservation and Ecological Management

After graduating in 2007, Kate got a voluntary graduate placement with Red Rose Forest in Manchester, helping in the development and delivery of street greening projects. She also went out on bat roost visits and bat activity surveys with an independent ecologist.

She now works as an assistant ecologist with Baker Shepherd Gillespie and has gained experience in preparing technical reports for a variety of projects and has undertaken Phase 1 surveys; river corridor assessments and protected species surveys of bats, otters, badgers and reptiles.

Rebecca O'Hara - BSc Ecological Science with Honours in Conservation and Ecological Management

After graduation, Rebecca got a job managing a community recycling project with Ross-shire Waste Action Network( RoWAN), before taking up the role as Project Officer in November 2006. RoWAN is a community group which aims to involve a wide range of local people and organisations in improving waste management and awareness in Ross-shire.

Business consultancy

Andrew Heaver - BSc Ecological Science with Honours in Forestry

Andrew now works as a researcher with Strategic Environmental Consulting, who specialise in assessing the environmental and social responsibility of its clients’ supply chains, and advising on how to improve their environmental performance. The clients are generally blue-chip national or international corporations.

Outside of work, Andy has been co-ordinating the ‘Shotover Ancient Trees Project’ for a local environment organisation. This is now a Lottery-funded community project, thanks to the enthusiastic response of local communities and a lot of hard work.

Bertrand Salmi - BSc Ecological Science with Honours in Environmental Science

After graduating, Bertrand worked as a self-employed environmental consultant, under contract with the Civil Engineering Department of the University of Edinburgh, whilst completing an MSc in Water Resource Engineering Management at Heriot Watt University. In October 2006, he started working for Mott MacDonald, based in Inverness, working on ensuring Scottish Water drinking water supplies all comply with the objectives of the Water Framework Directive and the Birds and Habitats Directives. He is also involved in the delivery of a flood alleviation scheme for the River Ness.

Working towards a sustainable world

Catriona Clunas - BSc Ecological Science with Honours in Environmental Science

After graduation, Catriona went to work for a short time at the Scottish Rural Policy and Business Association as a Policy Assistant. She has since taken up a job working as an environmental analyst for the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Management which is part of Energy for Sustainable Development.

Stephen Kokotos - BSc Ecological Science with Honours in Conservation and Ecological Management

After graduating, Stephen completed a graduate training programme with npower and is now working as a Strategy Analyst in RWE Innogy, a European renewable energy company. The job involves researching the best places to build all types of renewables across Europe. Stephen hopes to move on to a role as a Developer, which would involve more time in the field.

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