Teaching staff

The MSc GIS & Archaeology programme is taught by a number of internationally-renowned experts.

Programme Director

Bruce Gittings

Bruce maintains strong links with the GIS industry and our extensive alumni network. He lectures on web-enabled GIS, mobile GIS, software systems and spatial modelling.

Deputy Programme Director

Dr Neil Stuart

Neil lectures in GIS supported methods to solve practical problems of land and water resource management, including GIS applications for developing nations.

Course Organisers

Dr William Mackaness

William’s research interests in exploratory data analysis and multi scale mapping dovetail with his teaching in Geovisualisation and Advanced Spatial Data Analysis. Dissertation supervision is broad, with a particular interest in location aware technologies.

Dr Nick Hulton

Nick lectures on object-oriented programming and spatial algorithms.

Dr Caroline Nichol

Caroline's research focuses on investigating the use of multi scale remote sensing (ground, airborne and satellite) for detecting seasonal changes in photosynthesis, light use efficiency and stress.

Dr Chris Merchant

Chris is a Reader in Earth Observation. His research focus is in applying quantitative remote sensing to understanding of the Earth's climate system. Current research projects focus on marine climate and air-sea interaction, and observation of lake temperature and ice cover. Teaching covers meteorology, climate and remote sensing.

Dr. Iain H. Woodhouse

Iain's resarch is focused on Radar Remote Sensing; Polar Decomposition Methods for Visualising SAR Data; Novel Visualisation Techniques for the Analysis of Multichannel Remote Sensing Data; DEM Generation and Regional Scale Geomorphology; Synergistic Remote Sensing of Vegetation; Macroecology and Telemacroscopics.

Dr. Hugh C. Pumphrey

Hugh's research is principally concerned with microwave limb sounding; developing techniques for the UARS (Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite) and the EOS AURA satellite.

Robin McLaren

Robin is an Honorary Fellow of the School of GeoSciences. He is an independent management consultant who excels at developing location enabling strategies and turning business requirements into effective information system solutions that deliver significant benefits.

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