Economic principles of efficiency and cost-effectiveness are pervasive in decision-making, so students with a postgraduate training in this area are much sought after.

Former students are working in a variety of fields, such as:

  • environmental consultancies
  • international and governmental agencies
  • Non-Governmental Organisations
  • Governmental Organisations
  • private sector financial institutions
  • private multinationals
  • environmental education and research

Many alumni have elected to join the LinkedIn professional network. If you join this network and search the term "Ecological Economics" you will find 40+ alumni from our programme in the first 100 returns - indeed the majority of those on the first five pages of results. This should provide some independent assessment of the kind of career paths that you might take were you to complete the Masters.

Around one in four students go on to doctoral research programmes.

Your choice of course options and your dissertation segment can be tailored toward your chosen career path.

Careers Service

Students looking for advice about planning their career and the options available to them are encouraged to make as much use as possible of the University’s Careers Service:

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